AAPS Members Only

AAPS Election Ballot


     Please have your member identification number available to vote online.

MAIL ballots to:
     Gelman, Rosenberg & Freedman
     Certified Public Accountants, Attention: RWA
     4550 Montgomery Avenue, Suite 650 North, Bethesda, MD 20814

For faster service, FAX your confidential ballot to:
     + 1 301-951-3570

All Members May Vote in Executive Council Elections

If you wish to vote anonymously, mark through the name/address portion of the mailing label. The section information must be retained on the ballot for your vote to count.

AAPS is a professional association that encourages qualified members to seek leadership positions. Election to such positions should be voted upon based on service to AAPS, scientific background, experience in leadership positions and overall reputation.

Equal opportunity to write a biographical profile and respond to written questions is afforded to all candidates. In order to keep the elections fair and even, the AAPS Executive Council urges that candidates and their supporters refrain from campaigning. Requests from members to change section affiliations for the purpose of voting will not be granted. It is our hope that this will ensure a level playing field where all candidates can be considered fairly. Campaigning through the use of flyers, emails, letters, structured talks, etc. is not permitted.

ATTENTION! Election ballots must be received on or before 7/30/2013

The 2013 Election is now closed.