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Client Testimonials

Hollings Center for International Dialogue

“We learned about Ian Shuman and Gelman, Rosenberg & Freedman through the Center for Nonprofit Advancement. We are a small organization and only recently began to take over direct responsibility for our finances from our parent organization. This was a huge step in our institutional development. Ian was invaluable throughout the complex process of setting up our accounting and payroll system, developing our internal controls and reporting systems, and launching our financial management in an efficient and sound manner. Ian is simply delightful to work with. He is consistently responsive to our questions and can explain complex finance and accounting concepts in simple layman’s terms. His guidance helps us make educated decisions about our financial management and organizational policies. Now that we have laid our accounting groundwork, Ian has been helping us prepare for our first Audit and IRS Form 990 submission. He is and will remain a crucial resource for our organization.”

— Amy Hawthorne, Former Executive Director

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