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Business ID Theft: Is Your Data at Risk?  

Cyberattacks against individual taxpayers are down, thanks to security measures set forth by federal and state tax agencies. But thefts of business data are rising, and the costs of these breaches can be significant. Here’s more on this trend, along with simple, but effective, ways businesses can help minimize the risk of tax-related identity theft.

Keep the Long-Term in Mind When Instituting Changes  

Planning an expansion, merger or acquisition, or a new way to boost profits? Change can bring upheaval to a family business so you need to keep the process under control. Read more for a checklist of essential questions to answer to help ensure your growth strategy succeeds.

No Current Deductions Before Business Commences  

Current deductions are not allowed for most expenses incurred while a business is still in the start-up phase. For tax purposes, the business must be functioning at the time the expenses are incurred. Many entrepreneurs may be unaware of this rule. This article explains the tax rules for start-up companies.

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We admire Amy for her expertise in auditing and accounting. She is always available for consultations, not only during the audit process but throughout the year.

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