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Do Not Panic If You Receive a Benefit Audit Notice  

The word “audit” strikes fear in the hearts of many company executives. But if your ducks are in a row, don’t sweat it. It’s in everyone’s interest to make the process go smoothly, which is why the IRS provides tips for an efficient benefit plan audit. Read on to find out what the IRS recommends.

Can Your Research Credits Offset Your Payroll Tax Bill?  

Qualified small businesses have a new option for using their research tax credits: They can now elect to apply their credit to the Social Security tax portion of their federal payroll tax liabilities. That may come in handy for smaller start-ups with significant research expenses and little or no profits. Here are the details of recent IRS guidance on how to take advantage of this special privilege.

Improving 401(k) Performance: A Timely Refresher Course  

With countless business priorities to be concerned about, it’s easy to lose sight of the degree to which employees are taking advantage of your company’s 401(k) plan. That is, until the report rolls in, showing that although your head count went up, the number of plan participants went down. Or upper level managers may complain if your plan is determined to be “top heavy,” restricting the ability of those managers to maximize their retirement savings. How do you turn the tide?

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Jackie’s leadership allowed me to stay focused when faced with an audit a month after returning from extended leave. She stays in contact with me throughout the year and responds immediately to any questions … I am always impressed by the quick turnaround time. Our audit always goes smoothly.

Feng Zhang |  Finance Manager
The Arc of the United States