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Establishing Residency for State Tax Purposes  

Which state (or states) do you call home? Many individuals move to a new state with lower personal state income tax rates, hoping to reduce their tax bills. But some people run into problems when they fail to establish legal residency in the new state — or terminate it in the old state. Here, we discuss the importance of establishing “domicile” and several effective ways to prove it for state tax purposes, including a recent decision based on the location of the taxpayer’s beloved pet.

Using Dual Monitors Saves Paper and Time  

No matter what industry your company is in, there are ways to go green — in terms of eliminating waste — that are healthy for the bottom line. Not to mention, many customers feel better about dealing with companies that are good citizens and good stewards of resources. Find out how using dual monitors on your computers can be a win/win for your business and a boost to your bottom line.

Control Staff Use of the Internet and Protect Your Business  

Internet access is likely an important part of your company’s operations. Chances are, your company has installed firewalls and virus checkers, and requires employees to use complex passwords to prevent unauthorized access to the network. But you also need to control staff use of the Web.

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Based on the experience so far, I must say that the level of service that Troy and your firm had provided me with should be held as a best practice reference.

Michal Hubert Mrozek |  Managing Director
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