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'Loan Payments' Can Be Taxable Corporate Distributions to Shareholders  

It takes planning to set up tax-free shareholder loans. If transactions are not structured properly, payments can trigger taxable dividends and capital gains for the shareholders. Negative tax consequences can occur when purported loan payments are recast as corporate distributions to shareholders. Here’s an explanation of the rules.

Answer an Important Question: Are Your Directors Independent?  

Not-for-profit directors must maintain an appropriate level of independence. This is not only required by the IRS, but is desired by prospective donors. State attorneys general are also interested in independent directors. This article describes the four characteristics of independence and what types of activities that will not cause problems for your organization.

Handling a Small Business Subcontracting Plan  

If your contract contains small business subcontracting requirements, you must maintain an acceptable contracting plan with specific dollar and percentage goals for subcontracting to certain specified small businesses. Here are details of the requirements.

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