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Health Care Reform and Its Financial Impact on Nonprofits

Event type:  Seminar
Date:  April 30, 2014
Time:  8:00 am-10:00 am

Gelman, Rosenberg & Freedman CPAs
4550 Montgomery Avenue, Suite 650N
Bethesda, MD 20814


The Affordable Care Act brings sweeping changes to the US health care system. Is your organization prepared to meet current health care reform requirements? Do you understand the financial impact the Affordable Care Act will have on you and your business? Do you understand the new insurance exchanges, or the penalties imposed for noncompliance? As a nonprofit, you need to know about the ramifications of Affordable Care Act. We will provide you with guidance on these items and more.

Nonprofits with more than 50 employees are most likely to benefit from the presentation.

Benchmark Your Benefits Against the Industry

In addition to learning how health care reform will affect their industry, attendees will hear Jody review some results from the 2013 Mid-Market Benefits Survey that highlight aggregated benefits information from the broader nonprofit sector. The results will show how the Affordable Care Act is impacting the industry and what benefit strategies are being considered amongst peers.

The Insurance Exchange, in partnership with Milliman, a provider of actuarial services, is currently conducting a 2014 Mid-Market Benefits Survey to develop current benefits data from the nonprofit industry. All nonprofits are welcome to participate at no charge, and all who complete the survey will receive a customized report demonstrating how their benefits plans compare to other participants in the survey.

This is a regional and national benchmark, and has over 1000 data elements. If you have participated in the past, you should only need to update information stored. If a first time participant, the survey can take between 30 and 60 minutes to complete.


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