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Best Practices for Management and Individuals Working Overseas

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Gelman, Rosenberg & Freedman International Tax Specialist Troy Turner and Client Services Principal Kate Fisken highlighted various areas concerning the taxation of individuals living overseas including:

  • Definition of long-term expatriate staff compared to short-term overseas business travelers
  • Advantages/disadvantages of expatriate staff eligibility for overseas exclusions including the Foreign Earned Income Exclusions and the Foreign Housing Exclusion
  • Steps human resources specialists should take regarding W-2/Form 1099 processes for expatriate employees or contractors to comply with the IRS and minimize organizational risk
  • Information that needs to be reported on W-2/Form 1099 for expatriate employees or contractors
  • Best practices to minimize organizational risk in these areas

“We are a smaller client for Gelman, Rosenberg and Freedman, but they take our business seriously and never fail to make us feel important.”

Marcia Zier |  Vice President
Interactive Drama, Inc.