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Health Care Act Planning Letter

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President Obama signed into law the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the Health Care and Education Affordability Act in 2010.  Though many of the changes that these laws mandate will not take effective for several years, it is nevertheless important to understand them so you can adequately plan for yourself and your business.

The Health Care Act Planning Letter outlines various penalties, taxes and provisions of these laws as they relate to both individuals and businesses.These include the varying penalties or credits businesses might receive based on their size, a breakdown of the health care exchanges that will be operational by 2014 and a summary of changes to medical malpractice among other areas.

Download the article above to learn what you need to know to plan for the effects of this new legislation.

Ian was invaluable throughout the complex process of setting up our accounting and payroll system, developing our internal controls and reporting systems, and launching our financial management in an efficient and sound manner. Ian is simply delightful to work with.

Amy Hawthorne |  Former Executive Director
Hollings Center for International Dialogue