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Examining the Layers of Lobbying Tax Regulation

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Gelman, Rosenberg & Freedman Nonprofit Tax Principals, Stephen Kelin and Richard Locastro, and Harmon, Curran, Spielberg + Eisenberg Attorney Elizabeth Kingsley navigate the legal requirements to maintain tax‐exempt status and explain the necessary filing requirements under the Lobbying Disclosure Act and IRS Forms 990 and 1120‐POL. You can also listen to the presentation here.

 In addition to detailing what type of information those responsible for nonprofit governance must share with their tax preparers, they provide participants with a better grasp of the legal differences between lobbying and political activities and their respective reporting requirements.

When does “education and other advocacy” turn into lobbying? How does one disclose particular activities on filing forms? How does the Lobbying Disclosure Act affect your operations? 

This presentation contains the answers to these questions and the many others that are critical to maintaining the tax‐exempt status of your organization and minimizing tax liabilities to the extent possible.

We have been very happy working with Jackie Cardello. She is very responsive and supportive, and totally understands our needs and the issues we face.

Steve Brice |  Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
National Industries for the Blind