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Litigation Support

Individuals, businesses and nonprofits occasionally find themselves needing to take legal action to support legal claims and interests. Evidence or concerns about fraud, hidden assets and other financial complexities related to divorce or business disagreements with significant financial implications can lead to alternative dispute resolution or even the courtroom.

Gelman, Rosenberg & Freedman provides professional litigation support services including investigatory skills, forensic accounting, business valuations and expertise assisting in the financial aspects of marital dissolution. The presentation of complex financial matters can be challenging for non-experts and our specialists provide more than technical and expert analysis. We facilitate understanding on the part of the judiciary as it concerns relevant financial and tax matters. This includes the availability to provide expert witness testimony, assistance in the development of questions and answers for depositions and the evaluation of settlement proposals. Our goal is to strengthen counsel’s ability to deliver successful results for clients.

Our firm holds a variety of designations that can assist counsel and its clients including accreditation in certified fraud examination (CFE), accreditation in business valuation (ABV), certification in valuation analysis (CVA) and certification in forensic financial analysis (CFFA), thus ensuring that your decision to work with our litigation support team will maximize your chances—and that of your client—of providing the strongest, most compelling arguments.



For the past 12 years, the accounting firm of Gelman, Rosenberg & Freedman has consistently provided the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) with superior services.  The Gelman, Rosenberg and Freedman team, led by partner Terri McKnight, is knowledgeable about the nuances of the nonprofit industry, as well as attentive and thorough in their responses to any questions and concerns.

Fay Nance |  Chief Financial Officer
Chesapeake Bay Foundation