December 6, 2013

It’s the holiday season and a lot of us will turn to online shopping to avoid the crowded malls. Online shopping is an easy solution during the holiday season and vendors have worked hard to make it safe for us to pay online. However, there are some things that are out of their hands such as “cybersquatting” or “typosquatting.”  Don’t be fooled into shopping at “” or “” this season. Altering a trusted shopping site’s name is extremely popular during the holiday season as identity thieves want to get your information any way they can. Sometimes typos will get us to a website that looks just like the real thing and we will shop and pay for our items without noticing that there was fraud.   Typosquatting can leave us empty-handed and our credit card’s limit depleted.

Additionally we can potentially receive emails that seem to be from our trusted shopping website. It’s easy to be fooled into clicking a link of a trusted shopping site, especially if you are a regular customer. Thieves prey on relationships that we have built with these popular sites as we are accustomed to receiving their emails with special deals. These experts may generate emails that are an exact replica of offers we are used to receiving and therefore we may only see the “50% off” offer and happily start shopping away. Read your emails carefully and watch our typing when shopping online. Have any of you encountered any “typosquatting” recently?