November 26, 2018

By Stephen Boisvert, CPA, MST, CExPTM | Tax Manager

It should be no surprise that the topic of the day in the field of income taxes is the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). Like other tax reform packages in the past, the TCJA is a mixed bag of legislation. Some of it will affect you or your business directly, and some of it may not. With this in mind, CPAs should use this opportunity to create new and innovative ways to communicate with and educate their clients. Clients with a greater understanding of new or updated tax provisions are better equipped to work with their tax planning team. The outcomes are a more collaborative experience, the capacity to meet personal financial goals, and a greater overall satisfaction with tax planning outcomes.

Tax Reform on Your Time

In this spirit of innovation, Gelman, Rosenberg & Freedman (GRF) has launched a series of nano-webinars to explain some of the changes to personal and business deductions under TCJA. These short, on-demand webinars are approximately 15 minutes in length and provide control to the end-user who can skip ahead or repeat segments as needed. In addition to explaining changes to the tax law, GRF nano-webinars also provide detailed examples for real-world application. The goals are to provide taxpayers with better information and a deeper dive into the issues of greatest concern to prepare them for productive tax planning discussions with their CPA.

GRF’s On-Demand Nano-Webinars

Itemized Tax Deduction Series

  • Part 1: Medical Deductions
  • Part 2: State and Local Tax Deductions
  • Part 3: Mortgage Interest Deductions
  • Part 4: Charitable Deductions
  • Part 5: Miscellaneous Deductions

Child and Dependent Tax Credits

We appreciate your feedback as we post additional topics of interest with tax season quickly approaching. If there is a tax topic of interest that we have not yet covered in the On-Demand section of our website, please let us know. If you would like to discuss specific tax planning or preparation questions, please contact me at 301-951-9090 or