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Social Network: Knowing the Narrative Surrounding your Organization

GRF Cybersecurity Risk Assessment and Scorecard Blog Series Social media has allowed organizations to connect with customers around the world, but the wide reach of your social network also presents opportunities for hackers and bad actors to launch attacks or damage your organization’s reputation. Properly understanding and managing your social media presence allows you to…

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Hacktivist Shares: Are you being targeted?

GRF Cybersecurity Risk Assessment and Scorecard Blog Series Hackers and malicious attackers will often publicize their targets in various forums or on the dark web, so they can gather support and intelligence for taking down a website or finding vulnerabilities within an organization. Hacktivists are hackers who are politically and/or socially motivated. Their targets are…

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Identity and Access Management (IAM): Who is accessing your data?

GRF Cybersecurity Risk Assessment and Scorecard Blog Series Simply put, Identity and Access Management (IAM) is the discipline of allowing the right individuals to have access to the right resources at the right times for the right reasons. As hackers have gotten more sophisticated, organizations must take steps to ensure that users attempting to gain…

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Know your site’s SSL/TLS Strength: Is your encryption up to date?

GRF Cybersecurity Risk Assessment and Scorecard Blog Series Most organizations have secured their data with encryption, but security protocols are evolving rapidly in response to sophisticated cyberattacks. Ensuring your organization has the latest SSL/TLS protocols enabled is necessary to help establish trust, ensure data privacy for your users, and to prevent data breaches. Risks of…

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How COVID-19 Changed Nonprofit Accounting: Industry Experts Weigh In

This post was originally published on the Sage Intacct Blog To paraphrase the immortal lyrics of the Grateful Dead, “what a long strange trip this COVID-19 pandemic has been.” Though we’ve been living in the pandemic for a little over a year, for many of us, it feels like much longer. In the nonprofit industry,…

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