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Manage International NGO Risk Effectively with an External Field Office Audit

By: Max Manley, CPA | Nonprofit Audit Manager International NGOs (INGOs) working overseas in the development and humanitarian response sectors face a unique set of challenges and risks from both an accounting and operational standpoint. Whether your role resides at headquarters (HQ) or in a field office, as an INGO leader your responsibilities include managing…

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When to Complete Form 673

IRS Form 673’s official title is “Statement for Claiming Exemption From Withholding on Foreign Earned Income Eligible for the Exclusion(s) provided by Section 911.” What a name? Why should you, an expat, worry about this form? Overseas US Employees: If you anticipate being able to claim the overseas earned income and housing exclusions, you are…

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Best Practices for Managing Employees Working Overseas: “The Big Three List”

Since more and more NGOs are sending their employees overseas, and/or hiring host country and third country nationals at foreign posts, Gelman Rosenberg and Freedman (GRF) has been asked more and more frequently how to manage the accounting and human resource components as they relate to these personnel. Over the past few years, GRF has…

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