Gelman, Rosenberg & Freedman will run a new series of tax planning blog posts through Tax Day 2014. The series will be based on a transcript of the firm’s 2013 year-end tax planning presentation, an annual, hour-long event led by Walter Deyhle, director of the tax department.

The first blog post, the American Taxpayer Relief Act, was published January 29, 2014. You may visit the GRF Blog page over the next few months to review future posts or provide your email address to our marketing associate Kaila Willard at to receive direct notices when future posts are published.

Please also visit our tax planning and preparation web page for a 10-minute video snapshot from the presentation. Filling out a form on the web page will provide you with links to the remaining videos and also subscribe you to receive electronic notifications when future blog posts from the tax planning series are published, though you may elect not to receive these notifications.

Please direct any questions to Joe Kovacs, marketing director of Gelman, Rosenberg & Freedman, at 301-951-9090 or via email at