December 8, 2021

By Luis Rivera

Members of GRF CPAs & Advisors’ ATS & OAAS Teams Photographed Above

Cloud-based market leader Sage Intacct recently held its annual Transform event, from November 8th– 12th in Las Vegas, Nevada. Due to Covid-19, Sage Intacct offered both in-person & virtual options with a turnout of over 1,000 attendees in-person. Formerly Sage Intacct Advantage, Sage Transform is now in its 14th year. The conference is a great opportunity for Sage Intacct team members, partners, and customers to share knowledge amongst one another and stay up to date on the future of Sage Intaccts’s product family. The event boasts a wide range of nearly 100 different seminars, along with keynotes and insights into upcoming product advancements. The GRF team learned more than we can possibly capture in one article, but below are 3 major highlights that showcased the ongoing development and excellence in the Sage Intacct product.

 1. AI is Coming

Artificial intelligence is the future: embrace it!

In an effort to minimize manual data entries, Sage Intacct is moving towards more and more AI. Like any relevant software company in 2021, they are aware that AI programs are on the rise. They are continually making advancements around AI and machine learning throughout several areas of Sage Intacct. This will continually make the systems more productive for partners and customers to use. AI is intended to assist users and allow them more time to focus on other tasks at hand. So always remember, AI is your friend.

2. AP Automation

There are new features coming soon to the AP automation space with Sage Intacct. These features will fully digitize the AP process. The top four  features include:

  1. Smart Transactions: A direct digital exchange tool
  2. E-mail Services: An automation tool for inbound e-mails
  3. Supplier Match: An AP tool that will use vendor information in a directory of an electronic network to find their digital capabilities
  4. Payment Automation: Digital Vendor Payment Services powered by CSI

3. Disrupting Trends

The top 3 trends forecasted to disrupt accounting for small & medium businesses:

  1. Digital Bookkeeping: Embrace robotic processing for accounting. This is the future.
  2. Embedded Finance: For everything ranging from accounting, payroll & payments, expect this disruption as platforms continue to become seamlessly unified.
  3. Vertical SaaS: SaaS (software as a service) will continue to go deeper than ever before into tailored needs for different types of organizations. These industry-specific digital operations & finance platforms will be everywhere before you know it.

Overall, The 2021 Sage Transform event was an informative event with amazing insights around the changes to come to both the accounting industry and the Sage Intacct product. If you want to learn more about the future of Artificial Intelligence and Accounts Payable automation solutions, contact our Accounting Technology Services team.



Jim Norton, CPA

Senior Manager, Accounting Technology Services

GRF CPAs & Advisors

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