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Seven Reasons to Move to Cloud Financials Now

Cloud Financials Allow Organizations to Focus on the Future Fast-moving enterprises understand the importance of right-time information to compete successfully in a digitally connected world. Implemented in just a few months or even weeks, a cloud financial system delivers financial data in a business context that demonstrates the real-world impact of decisions. Cloud financials support…

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Checklists for Privacy, IT and Third-Party Risk

Assess your organization’s risk with these checklists Is your organization focused on the right issues when it comes to privacy, IT asset protection and third party risk management? To help clients identify and prioritize the most critical risks, GRF has developed comprehensive checklists that highlight vulnerable areas for most organizations. Use these checklists to analyze…

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Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Planning Provides Organizational Resilience Unplanned disruptions can adversely affect the operations of any organization, no matter the size, putting it and its stakeholders at significant risk. Fortunately, strategic investments and scenario planning can give your organization a competitive advantage over those who are unprepared for a variety of contingencies. Business Continuity Plans (BCP)…

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Best Practices in Enterprise Risk Management

An increasing number of organizations have embraced Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) ― a structured and continuous process designed to provide an organization’s board and senior leaders with a strategic perspective of risks so they can be managed proactively. Read our latest industry report that examines how nonprofit and associations are utilizing ERM best practices to…

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Risks and Rewards of Digital Transformation

Slide Deck Digital technology is changing the way associations operate. As we look toward 2020, digital disruption offers a number of benefits, but the risk associated with transformation is real and addressing that risk should be a top priority. The good news? With careful planning and coordination, association leaders can take action to combat risk…

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Maximizing the Audit Experience for Nonprofits – Getting the Most Out of Your Audit

This seminar is designed to help companies understand timelines for the audit process, how the auditors think and some tips on how to maximize the entire process. This seminar is presented by Nonprofit Audit Partner Andreas A. Alexandrou, Nonprofit Audit Partner Walter B. Derengowski and Senior Manager, Outsourced Accounting and Advisory Services Elinor Litwack.

Maximizing Your Audit Experience at the Center for Nonprofit Advancement

Nonprofit organizations that are prepared ahead of time for an audit avoid making the audit an arduous process and, instead, gain insight and tips on achieving their financial goals and meeting donor expectations. This session is designed to help chief financial officers, controllers and other nonprofit accounting staff prepare for a smooth audit process. Accounting…

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Common Management Letter Findings for Non-profit Organizations & Audit Preparations

For the fifth topic of the six part series GRF audit partners Jennifer Arminger and Robert Albrecht focused on the most common management letter findings for non-profit organizations that result from an annual financial statement audit and how to properly prepare for an audit, to minimize the risk of findings.  They focused on the issues…

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IRS Form 990 Reporting Issues

In our fourth topic of the six part series, GRF audit partner Jennifer Arminger and tax partner Richard J. Locastro will discuss the most common IRS Form 990 Reporting issues such as the public support test, UBIT, transparency of information, compensation, and more.  Understanding and combatting these common issues helps make the Form 990 an…

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Allocation of Functional Expenses and Overhead/Indirect Rates

In this second topic of a six part series, GRF audit partners Jennifer Arminger and Robert Albrecht will explore the commonly challenging topic of allocating expenses across various operations, including different methodologies and best practice recommendations. Additionally, we will dive into the topic of overhead allocations and how to accurately track and report overhead to…

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GRF CPAs & Advisors Makes List of Best Firms for Young Accountants