Work-Life Balance


“I joined GRF right out of college and the firm has allowed me to excel personally and professionally in every stage of my life. I had the firm’s support to not only maintain a strong family life (including the last 15 years raising my children) but to also become a partner. I credit GRF for being innovative and allowing me to telecommute from my home in Pennsylvania before the supporting technology even existed.” – Amy Boland, Partner

Variety of Options

“I am extremely appreciative of the work-life balance GRF encourages not only to me, but to all its employees.  As a father of two young men ages 15 and 12, the variety of options GRF provides to accommodate my personal schedule (or should I say their schedules) has been key to achieving my goals both professionally and personally.  GRF is keenly aware of work-life balance and the impact it has on the success of the firm.” – Trevor W. Williams, Partner


“As a mom of young kids, the flexibility that GRF has given me for 10 years is invaluable. I am able to achieve optimal career growth while still keeping my family life as a priority. GRF management has always supported me through transitions that require special work arrangements – including childbirth, studying for the CPA exam, and relocating to a different region.”  Elinor Litwack, Partner

Opportunity to Excel

“I am so grateful to GRF for providing me the option of a flexible work environment and schedule. Taking advantage of off-peak commute hours and periodically working from home has contributed to not only my personal and mental health, but has allowed me to excel as a leader in the organization.” – Jennifer McCahill, Partner

Accommodating Culture

“Since starting with the firm in 2006, GRF has always encouraged a work life balance.  The firm  has never emphasized a traditional  “8-5” work model and allows for flexible work arrangements to accommodate their employees.  This work environment has allowed for an easier commute and additional time during the work week for my children’s activities.  GRF has made work life balance a significant attribute to their culture and understands the value of their employees personal priorities.” – Steven Lyons, Manager