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Know the Rules Before Checking Employee Medical Records  

Health-related scenarios often include those in which employees request legally sanctioned time off. Federal laws, such as the Family Medical Leave Act, spell out what employers can and can’t do to validate these leave requests. It can be a minefield and it’s easy to cross a murky line, however, and land in court. This article provides some guidance on avoiding that outcome.

Negotiating a Commercial Lease  

Commercial leases should be framed to give your company the maximum advantage. Keeping in mind that any ambiguities in a lease are usually construed by the courts against the person who drew it, this article discusses eight items to consider when crafting a lease. They can help provide the maximum protection and best tax advantages. Among them, types of rent, alterations, storage, hazardous substances,

The Concept of Asset Allocation  

Asset allocation is an investment risk management concept whereby investors divide their money among different asset classes, such as stocks, bonds, and cash alternatives, like money market accounts. Read the article to gain further insight into the importance of asset allocation.

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