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Stay organized and quickly respond to risks with GRF’s dynamic tool

A successful Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program requires timely information distributed across your organization. Whether you’re just getting started or improving your existing processes, managing your risk programs with multiple spreadsheets is not sustainable in today’s environment.

The GRF Risk Minder is a robust online platform that is customized to manage your organization’s risks – providing stakeholders with access to the latest information. Create your own report templates in minutes!

GRF Risk Minder supports a variety of risk management frameworks including but not limited to ISO 31000, the PMBoK, and COSO ERM. The system is fully web-based which allows for sharing relevant risk data across your organization through a secure database.

Helpful Features include:

  • Intuitive and Easy to Use Interface
    •  Most users are up and running with no formal training. The individual user profiles mean GRF can target the level of complexity to a specific user profile.
  • Adaptable Risk Assessment Criteria
    • Criteria are flexible enough to adapt to any environment
  •  Dynamic Risk Matrices
    • Provide an instant snapshot of the most important items and any status changes
  • Automated Email Reminders and Red Flags
    • Send automated email reminders to risk owners when actions are due
  • Generate Timeline Views for Mitigation Plans
    • The plan(s) can be instantly viewed in a Gantt chart
  •  Secure Audit Trail
    • No more worries about change control on Excel spreadsheets
  • Integrate with Microsoft Office Products and more
    • Upload legacy Excel risk data
    • Generate PowerPoint reports with ease

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