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Unrestricted Net Assets and Key Financial Ratios Help Nonprofits Focus on their Financial Health

By: Michael Shaffer | Nonprofit Audit Manager In my 18 years as an auditor of nonprofit organizations, I have sat in a large number of offices for meetings with my clients. I always enjoy seeing how folks have their offices decorated, but one office stands out to me more than others over the years. This…

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Compliance Best Practices for Reporting Fundraising Events on the Form 990

By: Katelyn Miller, CPA | Nonprofit Tax Manager Both exempt organizations and readers of the Form 990 often question the presentation of fundraising events on the return. Because the Form 990 presents revenue and expenses in a unique way on Schedule G, Part II, it is common to report a net loss from such events. Fundraising events…

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Your Accounting Function Can Become an Organizational Asset with an Accounting Systems Assessment

By: John Pace, CPA, CVA | Partner and Director of Outsourced Accounting and Advisory Services Despite adding accounting staff and implementing new software products, many organizations struggle with significant challenges related to their accounting function. Even with adequate resources and effective leadership, they may still experience issues with providing accurate reports, timely closing of the…

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Manage International NGO Risk Effectively with an External Field Office Audit

By: Max Manley, CPA | Nonprofit Audit Manager International NGOs (INGOs) working overseas in the development and humanitarian response sectors face a unique set of challenges and risks from both an accounting and operational standpoint. Whether your role resides at headquarters (HQ) or in a field office, as an INGO leader your responsibilities include managing…

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Fast-Track Your Compliance with the New UG Procurement Standard

The two-year deferral period for implementation of the procurement standards under Uniform Guidance (UG) is officially over.  As of midnight on January 1, 2017, organizations receiving federal funds with a calendar year-end of December 31 MUST implement policies and procedures to ensure compliance with the standards effective immediately. Is your organization behind or struggling with…

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