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Elements of Successful Nonprofit Cybersecurity

By Darren Hulem, IT & Risk Analyst Nonprofits are more reliant on technology than ever before to deliver on their mission. The integration of digital technology into all aspects of the organization, or digital transformation, provides a number of new opportunities, but it also provides the possibility for additional security issues. Not only are there…

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The Bow Tie Method Addresses Risk Holistically

By Jay Mui, PMP, MBA | Supervisor, Risk & Advisory Services Well if you are being literal, 17th century Croatian mercenaries would use a scarf to hold together the openings at the neck of their shirts. King Louis XIII, a great employer of these mercenaries, so enjoyed and promoted this look that it soon became…

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Navigating the New Meals and Entertainment Deductions under TCJA

By Marc Neri, EA, CVA | Supervisor, Tax It is common for businesses to dine and entertain clients, vendors, and potential employees as part of their efforts to maintain beneficial business relationships. While these expenses are both common and allowable, the related tax benefits may be long gone thanks to tax reform.1 In 2017, Congress…

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Why Associations Are Implementing Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

By Melissa Musser, CPA, CITP, CISA | Principal, Risk & Advisory Services For years, associations have taken a siloed approach to risk management, focusing on areas like cybersecurity. More are now widening their nets, using ERM to ensure unexpected dangers don’t derail their association. When it comes to risk management, some may think of areas…

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What Every Board Member Should Know about the Financial Statement Audit

By Omid Mohebbi, CPA | Audit Supervisor As members of a nonprofit board of directors, you and your board colleagues are charged with considering a variety of matters as part of your fiduciary duty to safeguard the organization. Even if you are not part of a designated audit or finance committee, as a member of…

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