Cybersecurity Risk Assessment and Scorecard

Data Security Should Be a Top Priority

The GRF Cybersecurity Risk Assessment and Scorecard, powered by Black Kite, identifies possible vulnerabilities and weaknesses of an organization by evaluating 19 security related categories and one informational category. Each of the categories impact the score and help to create an easy to read report.
The report will identify possible risks, remediation steps, and best practices to increase your score.

GRF Cybersecurity Risk Assessment and Scorecard

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Scope of Work

GRF uses the latest technology to evaluate the security posture of your organization based on your organization’s domain name using open-source intelligence (OSINT) to gather the information. We will begin the scan as soon as we receive your signed agreement and will provide the results within 5 business days.


  • Compile results in a simple, readable report with letter-grade score to help identify and mitigate potential security risk
  • Summarize technical details and related standards along with mitigation suggestions for top risk items identified
  • 30 minute consultation to discuss report results


With the results from the scorecard combined with GRF’s consultation, your management will develop an understanding of the organization’s risk exposure and be better positioned to deal with cyber threats now and in the future. We want to help, so we offer a very easy and affordable way to learn where you’re vulnerable.

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