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Work environments that are geographically dispersed, virtual, or hybrid require efficient, cloud-based technologies to streamline their operations. Making the right technology selection is essential, but many organizations find they need extra bandwidth to get the job done.

You can benefit from the experience of GRF’s advisory team. We work with organizations large and small to conduct assessments on a broad range of operational, financial, and accounting systems. We can help you navigate your digital transformation, so you can stay focused on your mission and goals. A strategic financial and digital optimization assessment will help:

  • Drive efficiency by replacing legacy systems, increasing opportunities for automation, improving data analytic capabilities, and increasing your organization’s ability to identify opportunities for growth.
  • Improve decision-making through real-time data transfer between systems, key performance indicator tracking, improved financial planning and analysis, and alignment of strategy, goals and technology.
  • Foster agile and collaborative work environments supported by digital tools such as project management software, communication platforms, and virtual collaboration tools, businesses can increase agility, innovation, and employee satisfaction.

Technology Assessment
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Our Process

Capability Mapping Exercises

  • We’ll interview all identified stakeholders to identify your core business processes to capture your existing needs and future goals. This intelligence will guide our process for selecting vendors that align with the desired capabilities and illustrate the specific products that meet the organization’s strategic needs.

Define Current and Future State

  • Through interviews and analysis, we’ll document the current infrastructure and desired future state to illustrate the enhancements to the infrastructure, integration, and data flow. The analysis is supported by detailed timelines and a roadmap to support the achievement of the desired future state.

Research User Reviews

  • We’ll do the vendor research so you don’t have to, analyzing capabilities, company viability, ratings, identified issues, and customer success stories.

Meet and Evaluate Vendors

  • We’ll conduct introductory calls and schedule product demos. We’ll also confirm with the vendor that their capabilities can be tailored to address identified needs.

Conduct Scoping Calls

  • Once a short list of vendors is identified, we follow up to confirm specific features, integration capabilities, and potential challenges.

Obtain Pricing Quotes

  • We collect and organize detailed pricing quotes, ensuring transparency and avoiding hidden costs.

The GRF Advantage

Hexagon Icon - 1Objective Analysis:

Receive an unbiased evaluation of viable solutions, ensuring decisions are based on needs rather than vendor influence.

Hexagon Icon - 2Time and Resource Savings:

A streamlined selection process saves significant time and resources that would have been spent navigating the complex system selection process on your own.

Hexagon Icon - 3Customization Alignment:

You have assurance that the chosen solution will align with your workflows and processes, maximizing effectiveness.

Hexagon Icon - 4Risk Mitigation:

Having risk management experts conduct an assessment helps to identify potential risks early, enabling you to make informed decisions and proactively mitigate challenges.

Our Process in Action:

How One GRF Client Successfully Conducted a System Assessment

In this case study, we share a real-world example of how our client, a well-established INGO with a global presence, sought our assistance in modernizing their operations through an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Using an outside consultant enabled our client to make an informed decision while staying focused on day-to-day responsibilities and other critical initiatives.

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