September 27, 2022

As a nonprofit leader, you likely think of financial management as a necessary evil—bogging down your staff and creating bottlenecks or compliance problems. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, with the right technology, managing your finances can be easy, effective, and offer new insights into your organization.

This is especially true for multi-entity nonprofits that have a lot of financial management stressors. From compliance and tax concerns to reporting needs, multi-entity nonprofits have different levels of complexity. But technology solves for these challenges, too. Check out our eBook The Top 5 Strategies for Improving Financial Management: A Guide for Multi-Entity Nonprofits to learn the primary ways multi-entity nonprofits can take the drudgery out of financial management. In it, you’ll see how:

Compliance Can Be Easier Through Automation

Manually compiling documentation and ensuring allocation of costs is auditable takes a lot of time and effort from your accounting team. Automation through technology solutions like enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems helps your nonprofit stay compliant with multi-entity capabilities and dynamic allocation functionalities. An ERP solution like Sage Intacct is designed to deliver a secure, consistent, repeatable allocation methodology that holds up under an audit.

Choosing the Right Partner Is Crucial

You can onboard all the modern technology you want, but without the right partner to show you the ins and outs—plus how to maximize your use of the solution—you’ll just scratch the surface of return on investment (ROI). Experts like GRF who have accounting, nonprofit, and technology expertise are dedicated to helping multi-entity nonprofits implement and use ERP systems to improve all aspects of financial management while demonstrating ROI to the board. And with multi-entity nonprofits specifically, we help ensure you meet all compliance requirements so you never have to worry about losing your charitable tax exemption.

Moving Away from Old Processes Is Key

Migrating to ERP solutions not only helps you take advantage of modern financial management technology, it helps you avoid replicating processes that burden your staff. Don’t bring your manual processes from years past to your new financial management approach that aims to save you time and money. GRF can help you both take advantage of your new technology and explore ways to improve your processes to ensure long-term success.

You Don’t Have to Say Goodbye to Staff or Existing Apps

Choosing a solution like Sage Intacct doesn’t mean automation will replace humans at your nonprofit—nor does it mean you have to say goodbye to all the applications you use today. ERP systems augment your existing staff so they can reallocate their hours to more strategic work that drives forward your nonprofit’s mission. With automation bearing the burden of menial, time-consuming tasks, humans can innovate and solve problems that require intuition and judgment. You’ll also get to keep your existing apps if you choose a solution like Sage Intacct because the technology offers multiple integrations with solutions like ADP, Salesforce, and more.

The Bottom Line: You Can Cut Costs with Sage Intacct

And GRF is your partner to ensure you do. Sage Intacct is less expensive than hiring more people, and your accounting department will enjoy fewer manual processes with demonstrable ROI from the solution.

GRF has a proven, seven-step methodology to help multi-entity nonprofits leverage Sage Intacct to:

  • Ensure compliance
  • Cut time and labor costs
  • Refocus resources
  • Improve reporting
  • Satisfy stakeholders

And more. We would love to get to know your financial management needs to see how our team of nonprofit/accounting experts can help.

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