Initial Enterprise Risk Management Implementation

Keep your strategy on track and prepare for opportunities.

The operating environment for all types of organizations is becoming more uncertain and the time to respond more compressed. Preparation is crucial. Enterprise risk management provides a framework for determining an organization’s most critical risks and developing plans to monitor and manage these risks. ERM helps organizations get ahead of potential problems and better prepare to take advantage of opportunities.

About Initial ERM Implementation

GRF partners with nonprofit organizations, schools, and associations to conduct baseline risk assessments and develop the structure, processes, and tools that make sense for their needs and organizational culture.

A Risk Council is a dedicated forum for discussing strategic risks. It evaluates enterprise-wide risks, assesses the effectiveness of response plans, and reports to the board of directors. GRF helps prepare leadership teams to fulfill this responsibility effectively.

GRF begins with understanding an organization’s context and strategic objectives. As a neutral third party, we can provide insights into top risks. We employ a variety of methods based on client needs including workshops, interviews, and surveys. We also work with teams to develop initial risk handling plans.

To help organizations implement ERM effectively and consistently, we provide user-friendly documentation in the form of an “ERM Playbook,” which serves as a central repository of ERM resources including roles and responsibilities, process descriptions, risk rating matrices, guidance for developing risk handling plans, and reporting tools.

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