Anti-Fraud Program Development and Assessment

Create an ant-fraud program that works for you.

GRF’s Anti-Fraud Programs include the policies and procedures that address the following elements of internal control:

  • Control Environment –existing policies and procedures that document the internal control mechanism to prevent, detect, and respond to fraudulent activity
  • Risk Assessment –how does the organization identify, assess, and monitor fraud risks on an ongoing basis
  • Information and Communication – training of employees and reporting structure for communicating information to internal/external parties, including whistleblower complaints
  • Monitoring Activities –outlines processes in place to manage and monitor risks and activities related to fraud, including whistleblower hotlines and internal audit activities
  • Existing Control Activities –controls that are currently in place and operating as designed

GRF assists our clients developing custom-tailored anti-fraud programs to proactively to educate employees and the Board on their responsibilities and deter fraudulent activity from taking place at their organization. We then provide assistance in assessing the programs design, implementation, and effectiveness on an ongoing basis to ensure the anti-fraud program continues to improve over time to address risks and changes to the operating environment.

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