Cybersecurity and IT Risk Auditing Services

GRF’s Cybersecurity and IT Risk Auditing Services

With growing cyber threats, GRF is expanding its cybersecurity and IT risk offerings, which are tailored to best suit your organization’s challenges.

Services include:

✓ Cyber Snapshot– One-time, high-level scorecard, free to all GRF clients, details below

✓ Cyber scorecard (60 days) – Provides a hacker’s view into your organization along with remediation assistance

✓ Internal Vulnerability Scan – Identifies configuration issues within the network

✓ Continuous Auditing Cyber Scorecard – Year-long cyber scorecard and view into your organization

✓ Cyber training subscription – Year-long cyber training for the organization

✓ Simulated email phishing test – Assess your employees to identify potential weak points for end users

✓ Information security policy and procedure benchmark – Evaluate and assess the current information security policies in place and provide recommendations for improvement

✓ Penetration Testing – Attempt to identify and exploit vulnerabilities within the network

✓ Internal Audit – Frameworks, third-party risk, PCI, and other benchmark reviews

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GRF Cybersecurity and Risk Offerings

Free Cyber Snapshot for GRF Clients

We are committed to helping our clients stay ahead of growing threats. All current clients are eligible for a free Cybersecurity Risk Score and Ransomware Susceptibility Index Rating. This report is a point-in-time snapshot of your organization from a hacker’s perspective. The snapshot incudes remediation guidance for detected vulnerabilities.



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