Cybersecurity and IT Risk Auditing Services

GRF’s Cybersecurity and IT Risk Auditing Services

With growing cyber threats, GRF is expanding its cybersecurity and IT risk offerings, which are tailored to best suit your organization’s challenges.

Services include:

External and Internal Cybersecurity vulnerability scans (30 Days)

  • Provides a hacker’s view into your organization identifying potential vulnerabilities to your assets.
  • Uncover your ransomware susceptibility utilizing our ransomware index to determine which assets may be vulnerable.
  • Uncover internal threats and fortify your defenses with thorough internal vulnerability scanning.
  • BRONZE Package: $5,000 USD

Baseline Cyber Audit

  • Typically covers areas such as network security, access controls, data protection, incident response preparedness, employee training, and compliance with relevant cybersecurity standards.
  • The results of the audit serve as a starting point for developing a tailored cybersecurity strategy and roadmap to enhance the organization’s resilience against cyber threats.
  • SILVER Package: $8,000 USD

Continuous Cyber Vulnerability Auditing (12 Months)

  • Continuously audit your external assets utilizing the cyber scorecard features to ensure resilience against new threat vectors.
  • Internal Vulnerability Scan – Uncover internal threats and fortify your defenses with thorough bi-annual internal vulnerability scanning.
  • GOLD Package: $10,000 USD

Complete Cybersecurity Package

  • Includes everything in Silver and Gold Packages.
  • Cyber training subscription- Year-long cyber training for the organization.
  • Simulated email phishing tests – Assess your employees to identify potential weak points for end users.
  • PLATINUM Package: $15,000 USD

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