IT and Cybersecurity Strategy Services

Improve your organization's process efficiency

Create a solid foundation for growth

Developing a strategy that focuses on the people, processes, and technology will help your organization reach your goals now and in the future. GRF helps organizations of all sizes understand where they currently stand and where they can improve the overall efficiency of their processes.

Compliance framework benchmarking

Are you preparing for a compliance framework certification? Need assistance with an internal audit as part of a compliance framework? Want to enhance your organization’s cybersecurity posture through policy and procedures while benchmarking against recognized frameworks? GRF can help create an easy-to-follow strategy for increasing compliance and work with a partner certification body to get your organization certified. We can provide assistance with the top compliance frameworks:

  • ISO 27001
  • NIST 800-53 and NIST 800-171
  • Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC v.2)
  • SOC 2
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

Policy and procedure development

  • Provide review of current policies and procedures and compare to best practices.
  • Develop additional/missing policies and procedures to be implemented across the organization.
  • Identify gaps within the organizations policies and procedures to create a compliant and effective organizational approach.

Data privacy and protection

  • Perform an analysis of data flows through data mapping exercises.
  • Review external privacy policy and internal processes to identify any gaps with Data Protection Regulations.

Virtual CISO

GRF provides virtual CISO (vCISO) services. Clients have access to a team of skilled security professionals designed to assist organizations through the process of establishing and improving an effective cyber risk program that meets the unique demands of the nonprofit industry. Our vCISOs can work on-site or remotely on either a full-time or fractional basis.

Third party risk management

  • Provide an analysis and review of your current third parties and any pending third parties to develop a strategy for constantly reviewing and ensuring security compliance.
  • Perform a review of your SLA to identify any gaps that should be addressed.
  • Scan the web to find potential vulnerabilities that should be patched up by your third party provider.

IT strategy assessment

With the complexity of IT infrastructures and landscapes, it is difficult to keep track of everything going on. We assist you in developing a strategy to safeguarding assets, securing your network, and providing long term support to help your IT strategy grow as your business does. With so many different options becoming available like cloud, on-premise, and hybrid, we can assist you in deciding what will be best for your organization going forward.

IT mentoring

Our risk analysts assist internally with IT support and infrastructure development. With our experience in cloud, on premise and hybrid architectures, we can help you decide what is best for your organization. This includes training for your IT team, strategy review, and managing assets. IT is the backbone of every organization, so ensuring its stability will allow you to focus on growing your donor base, spreading your mission, and leading into the future.

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