Organizational Resiliency Services

Stay ahead of the expanding cyber landscape

Anticipate and mitigate the inevitable operational disruptions

Organizational resiliency relies on proactive planning to tackle threats to your organization before they occur. Advisors at GRF bring industry knowledge combined with cybersecurity expertise to help clients anticipate and mitigate potential disruptions to their operations.

Business continuity planning

Unplanned disruptions can adversely affect the operations of any organization, no matter the size, putting it and its stakeholders at significant risk. Fortunately, strategic investments and scenario planning can give your organization a competitive advantage over those who are unprepared for a variety of contingencies. Business Continuity Plans (BCP) are an important part of risk management and can include scenarios such as pandemics (like COVID-19), government shutdowns, natural disasters and cyberattacks. In an era of devastating cyber breaches and unprecedented political rancor, the financial health and mission success of any organization depends on its preparation to weather almost any storm.

Disaster recovery planning

Identify, plan, and test potential disasters that could affect your organization. This can be anything from a hurricane to a cyber-attack. Identifying what your critical assets are is crucial to getting back online after a disaster.

Incident response planning

It is a question of when will you get attacked, not if. Planning for different events is the key to being prepared when something does happen and we can provide support in repairing these plans, identifying points of contact, and testing the plans.

Table top exercises

Practice scenarios in which your organization must go through your incident response plans. These can be random or planned depending on how you want to test.

Data loss prevention

Understand the organizational back up structure to determine where pitfalls may be to help reduce the chance of data loss when an incident occurs.

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Dec 10
Workshop | 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

GRF Cybersecurity Symposium

Melissa Musser, CPA, CIA, CITP, CISA

Partner and Director, Risk & Advisory Services