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Vulnerability Scanning and Penetration Testing Offer Tools for a Strong Security Posture

By Darren Hulem | Network Administrator Auditor In the movies, hackers sit in front of a computer typing a few lines of code and suddenly they have access to all of the victim company’s systems. While cybercrime does not happen like it is portrayed in the movies, it has become a common theme in recent…

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Your Accounting Function Can Become an Organizational Asset with an Accounting Systems Assessment

By: John Pace, CPA, CVA | Partner and Director of Outsourced Accounting and Advisory Services Despite adding accounting staff and implementing new software products, many organizations struggle with significant challenges related to their accounting function. Even with adequate resources and effective leadership, they may still experience issues with providing accurate reports, timely closing of the…

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Keeping Your Nonprofit’s Technology Modern, Safe and Cost-Efficient with an IT Audit

For smaller or start-up nonprofits, infrastructure elements like information technology (IT) are often small and uncomplicated allowing the greatest flexibility and economy. The bad news is that while the organization is saving money, aging IT systems lack critical security features as well as the strategic and  functional advantages enjoyed by peers who have prioritized IT…

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Leveraging an IT Assessment Can Protect Nonprofits from Cybercrime

“Cybercrime keeps climbing” was the key finding of the 2016 Global Economic Crime Survey recently completed by PwC. In fact, the survey results show cybercrime “jumping from 4th to 2nd place among the most-reported types of economic crimes.” While organizations are embracing new ways to make their operations digital for efficiency and effectiveness, criminals are…

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