June 9, 2021
9:00 am - 9:30 am

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Exit Planning 101: Mastermind Webinar Series

Understanding the What, Why, and How of Building A Successful & Comprehensive Exit Plan 

  • Have you been considering an exit?
  • Are you tired, overworked, and not doing what you do best?
  • Do you have a realistic asking price in mind for the sale of your business?

Join our holistic and comprehensive exit management team as we help you plan for an exit and begin building your strategy for the future.

When thinking about exit planning, many business owners become overly-focused on the monetary value they will get for selling their business. In addition, owners often have a “number” in mind for the sale that isn’t realistic, won’t support their needs in retirement, and doesn’t take into account the costs of selling the business — such as taxes and advisors fees.

Then there is the plan for the future, post-sale…what will you do? (hint: it’s not golf 5 days/week!)

The reality is that a successful exit strategy involves a multi-year process and looks at all aspects of your business and personal resources. Exit planning also involves preparing the business and your team for the transition. That preparation requires time, patience, and having the right people in place.

Where to start? We invite you to join our multi-part webinar series which is taking place over the next five months. There is even a summer reading and learning session you can enjoy while you’re on vacation this summer (and if you are saying “what vacation?” you REALLY need to join us)!

If you can’t make every session or are more focused on a particular aspect, please sign up anyway so that we can include you in our community to share resources and ideas.

What You’ll Learn

Topics we will be covering in our 30 minute webinar sessions include:

  • May 27th – 9am –  What is Exit Planning? – an overview – 3 legs of the stool
  • June 9th – 9am  – Establishing Owner-Based Goals – personal finances, life after biz
  • June 23rd – 9am – Understanding Value of your business – valuation and value creation
  • September – TBD – The Exit Paths – overview of possible exit paths
  • September – TBD – Personal Wealth and Estate Planning
  • October – TBD – The Sellable Business – what do buyers look for?

To become part of this Exit Planning Mastermind Group, please RSVP to Carolk@OmegaWealthManagement.com

We look forward to connecting with you to build a real exit plan for the future!


Lisa A. K. Kirchenbauer, Founder & President of Omega Wealth Management LLC

Lisa A. K. Kirchenbauer, CFP®, RLP®, CeFT®

Founder & President of Omega Wealth Management, LLC

Corby Megorden, Principal of ENNIS Legacy Partners

Corby Megorden, CEPA, CCEA, FMVA, CBCA

Principal of ENNIS Legacy Partners