Conference, Presentation
September 12, 2019

NYN Media’s 2019 Checkup

GRF is pleased to sponsor and exhibit at NYN Media’s Checkup on September 12.

Nonprofit Checkup brings together top-level board members and executive leadership from nonprofits across New York to discuss everything from good management, to efficient operations, to fundraising while carrying out your mission, to effective programs, systems and technology.

Becoming a More Efficient Board and Managing Governance Functions at your Nonprofit

September 12, 2019 | 8:45 am

A board has a basic, legal responsibility to provide oversight and accountability for the organization. The relationship between a nonprofit’s board and its staff is so important that it can make or break an organization. The panel will address how to promote a good, comforting work environment with an efficient management style, while working with a Board to oversee leadership transition, make the hard calls, shift practices, and do what it takes to get to good governance.

GRF Risk & Advisory Supervisor Jay Mui, PMP, MBA

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