Panel Discussion
March 18, 2021
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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NYN Media’s BoardCon 2021

GRF’s Melissa Musser will be a featured speaker during the Board Governance, Risk & Compliance panel. The principles of governance, risk and compliance are critical for board members to ensure a nonprofit is operating effectively, ethically, and legally especially in times of uncertainty. Now more than ever, failure to master governance, risk, and compliance can result in devastating consequences for a nonprofit, from reputational harm to dissolution. This panel will discuss common elements of a governance, risk and compliance strategy, including a conflict-of-interest policy, a whistleblower policy, a code of ethics, proactive plans to mitigate risk, regular board assessments, and more.



Melissa Musser, CPA, CIA, CITP, CISA

Partner and Director, Risk & Advisory Services

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