May 1, 2024

Internal Audit Awareness MonthAt GRF, we know and love the role of the internal auditor, but it’s not clearly understood by people outside the profession. To raise awareness and appreciation, the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) has designated May as Internal Audit Awareness Month!

GRF is helping to spread the word. The IIA has some excellent resources designed to explain what internal auditors do and how they add value to your organization. We’ve also included some resources of our own for your reference.

Just learning about internal auditors?

Need to understand the role of internal audit in governance?

Looking to improve your internal audit function?

Here are some insights from GRF:

GRF Can Help

If you’re looking to enhance your internal audit practice, GRF’s Risk & Advisory Services team consists of subject matter experts across a wide range of fields, which provides a holistic internal audit approach for any organization. Contact us to discuss your challenges today!