If you are are cybersecurity and risk practitioner, we know there is a lot that keeps you up at night. We can help ensure your cybersecurity, information security, and data privacy are all on strong footing.

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GRF is dedicated to safeguarding the integrity of our client’s information technology systems. To that end, we have recently expanded our service offering and added new technologies to address current, new, and emerging cybersecurity issues. Read our brochure and contact us to schedule a consultation.

Top Risks for 2022

Stay current on the risk landscape that shapes cybersecurity best practices as well as recommended approaches to risks such as disaster recovery/business continuity, third-party risk, talent management, revenue diversification, diversity, equity and inclusion, and fraud. Read our whitepaper, 2022 Risk Outlook for Nonprofits and Associations, for expert guidance on addressing these key risks for 2022.

Read the whitepaper.