September 18, 2020

GRF Audit Senior Associate, Matthew Keadle, CPA has been named the incoming Chair of the Bethesda Transportation Solutions (BTS) Advisory Committee. Mr. Keadle, a Bethesda resident, has served on the committee since 2018. He focuses on using alternate modes of transportation and lives a car-free lifestyle, walking or riding his bike to work or using public transportation. “I have valued my time on the BTS Advisory Committee and am happy to continue to serve the Board in my new role as Chair,” said Mr. Keadle. “I look forward to continuing to help Bethesda promote sustainable commuting alternatives in these rapidly changing times.”

Bethesda Transportation Solutions (BTS) is led by an 11-member Transportation Management District Advisory Board appointed by the Bethesda Urban Partnership’s (BUP) Board of Directors. Drawn from the business and residential communities in and around Bethesda, it serves to advise and assist BUP and the Montgomery County Department of Transportation in addressing local traffic concerns and help the community.

Read the press release for more about BTS and Mr. Keadle’s appointment.