November 16, 2022

Organizations have to be proactive in not only implementing, but monitoring and improving fraud prevention/detection controls in order to stay ahead of perpetrators. Learn about common fraud schemes, ways to protect your organization, and emerging technologies from GRF’s fraud, internal audit and cybersecurity experts.

Join our team as we discuss the key controls and processes organizations should consider in order to adequately prevent/detect fraudulent activity. We will go into detail on how internal audit not only assists in detecting/deterring fraudulent activity, but how it serves as a mechanism for risk management and continuous process improvement.

Learning Objectives:

  • Emerging fraud concerns as a result of the pandemic and new operating environments
  • Understand common methods perpetrators use to commit fraud
  • Internal Audit procedures for high-risk processes (i.e., expense reimbursement)
  • Use of data analytics in Internal Audit and fraud detection
  • Emerging technologies (i.e., MindBridge) that can help protect your organization
  • Importance of clearly defined policies, such as fraud, whistleblower, conflict-of-interest, and incident response


Presentation Slide Deck