September 3, 2013

devices rechargingMany of us live a big part of our lives through our smartphones, tablets or laptops.

But are we taking care that we don’t damage the devices that we often take for granted?

Consumer Reports magazine offers four tips to help keep your electronic devices in good working order:

1. Connect carefully. When you are connecting your device to a battery charger, earphones or other ports, push and pull gently. The inner circuitry of most devices has relatively weak solder and can be broken if forced or twisted.

2. Keep the device cool. Charging can heat up a battery, and using it while charging creates even more heat. Don’t block the cooling vents on laptops and tablets by placing them in your lap or on pillows, upholstered furniture or other insulating materials that prevent cooling. If you don’t use your device on a desk or table, get a “lap desk” with a smooth top surface.

3. Watch out for water. Unless you are sure your device is designed to be water resistant, don’t set it on damp or wet surfaces. The dampness is wicked into even the smallest of openings. Salt water is especially bad about corroding connectors.

4. Avoid bumps. Laptops have a spinning hard drive that doesn’t stop until up to 10 seconds after closing the lid. The hard drive is particularly vulnerable to damage from hard knocks or quick motions then. Solid-state drives (SSDs) are not vulnerable to motion.

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