May 4, 2022

A June 2015 report from the Aberdeen Group reported that companies with best-in-class Time & Expense software “require 43% less time to fill out an expense report” and automated expense reports speed up approval time by 265% (from 9.3 days to 3.5 days). This marked improvement demonstrates the value of automation. However, those statistics also show that while the manual workload is reduced for end users and approvers, the workload is not necessarily reduced for the finance groups and auditors, who also have an essential role to play in the expense report process. There’s not much talk of tools for those in accounts payable, managers, and auditors looking to uncover fraud and ensure compliance with company policy.

GRF Databasics Whitepaper ThumbnailThis whitepaper, from our technology partner DATABASICS, is designed to serve as a resource for those trying to navigate complex expense reporting and auditing problems. You will learn more about best practices for how to establish an expense reporting process, specific information on how to deal with particular expense types, policy recommendations, and how the latest in audit innovations solves some of the problems inherent in expense reporting.

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