June 29, 2023

Early detection can limit the impact of fraud, and insider tips are by far the most effective source. Having a comprehensive whistleblower program in place is a powerful tool for identifying this potential fraud or misconduct.

Join GRF as we discuss the process for establishing a secured incident reporting platform that includes online reporting, document upload, case management, and reporting functionality – backed by a team of forensic accounting experts who will investigate incidents and guide you through mitigation and prevention measures for the future.

Key takeaways:

  • Gain an understanding of fraud schemes, risks on the rise, and common gaps in whistleblower controls
  • Learn about the necessities in developing an effective whistleblower program
  • Understand how cutting-edge technologies streamline the whistleblower process and ensure confidentiality/anonymity for whistleblowers
  • Gain insight into the process for cataloguing, investigating, and responding to whistleblower complaints


Presentation Slide Deck