September 29, 2022

Join Humentum and Industry Partner GRF CPA & Advisors to understand the key tax rules and concepts of expatriate taxation and unique tax planning opportunities that are available to the global workforce. During this session, we will discuss the essentials of the U.S. tax considerations for global workforce coming to the U.S. or moving outside the U.S. Topics will include filing status, the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, the Foreign Tax Credit, tax implications of foreign financial assets including digital assets, and state tax considerations.

This course is designed to provide the attendees with a basic overview of the unique tax issues of this particular group of taxpayers.

This course will discuss:

  • Tax filing statuses and unique tax considerations for individuals inbound to the U.S. or outbound to a foreign country
  • The reporting requirements and implications of foreign financial assets, including digital assets
  • Tax mechanics that can reduce or eliminate double taxation
  • State tax issues


Presentation Slide Deck