November 14, 2019

GRF and nonprofit leadership transition expert Don Tebbe explore how any organization, no matter the size, can begin the process of succession planning. Participants are introduced to the three approaches to executive succession planning and how they can create impact for the organization. The presenters discuss how nonprofits can put in place a board-adopted succession policy and a backup plan for the executive (succession essentials) with a step-by-step guide and easy-to-use templates.

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Slide Deck Succession Essentials Guide



Trevor W. Williams, CPA | GRF CPAs & Advisors | Partner, Audit

Don Tebbe | Nonprofit Leadership Transition Expert

Don Tebbe is a leadership succession consultant and the author of Chief Executive Transitions: How to Hire and Support a Nonprofit CEO, published by BoardSource, and The Nonprofit CEO Succession Roadmap: Your Guide for the Journey to Life’s Next Chapter.

As a former nonprofit executive director and five-time interim CEO, he has experienced the challenges of leadership transitions firsthand. Since starting his consulting practice in 1993, he has helped hundreds of nonprofit leaders plan for and manage turnover in their chief executive position.