August 26, 2021

The global pandemic disrupted the important work of many international non-governmental organizations (INGOs) while also introducing new organizational risks and complicating their ability to meet grant compliance requirements. To assist INGOs during the unprecedented time, auditors leveraged technology and offered virtual audits while business travel and onsite visits were suspended. Although remote engagements allowed many audits to move forward, auditors witnessed an exponential increase in risks specific to INGOs. The world’s new dependence on remote work may mean that many of these risks are here to stay.

Join GRF’s INGO audit experts for a webinar on the new landscape for international audits. Participants will come away with the tools and best practices they need to get the most from their virtual audit, and be better prepared to address the new risks and challenges presented by the pandemic.



  • The pandemic’s impact on audit processes for international audit engagements
  • New risks for INGOs emerging from the pandemic
  • Compliance challenges for grant recipients
  • Indirect costing considerations for forgivable federal assistance programs
  • Best practices for your virtual audit


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Andreas A. Alexandrou, CPA
Partner, Audit





Max Manley, CPA
Senior Manager, Audit