December 3, 2013

Maybe it’s the appeal of Don Draper and the success of Mad Men, but trust in advertising is significantly higher than it was six years ago.

Trust in online advertising is increasing, as is the believability of television, radio and movie advertisements, according to a new global survey of 29,000 consumers in 59 countries by Nielsen in its 2013 Trust in Advertising report.

Word-of-mouth, branded websites and opinions of consumers showed the highest trust levels, while online advertisements in video form, on social networks and in online banners and display ads had the lowest trust levels among consumers.

Ads sent via mobile phone texts were the least trusted of all, even though the level of trust has doubled since the previous survey.

Television ads were in the top five most trusted mediums, and advertisements before movies showed one of the biggest increases. The only medium that showed a slight decrease in trust was newspaper ads (-2 percent).

FORMS OF ADVERTISING 2013 2007 % chg.
Recommendations from people I know

84% 78% 6%
Branded websites (owner ads) 69% 60% 9%
Consumer opinions posted online 68% 61% 7%
Editorial content in newspaper articles 67%
Television ads 62% 56% 6%
Brand sponsorships 61% 49% 12%
Ads in newspapers 61% 63% -2%
Ads in magazines 60% 56% 4%
Billboards and outsides advertising 57%
Radio ads 57% 54% 3%
Email I signed up for 56% 49% 7%
Ads before movies 56% 38% 18%
TV program product placements 55%
Ads in search engine results 48%
Online video ads 48%
Ads on social networks 48%
Display ads on mobile devices 45%
Online banner ads 42% 26% 16%
Text ads on mobile phones 37% 18% 19%

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