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How INGOs Can Maximize Their Internal Audit Function

International Non-governmental Organizations (INGOs) are particularly vulnerable to fraudulent activity due to their multinational offices and dependence on remote access technologies. These geographically dispersed organizations need to get the full benefit of their internal audit function, where most fraud can be detected or prevented. This was a prevailing issue at a recent Humentum CEO Roundtable…

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Best Practices for Mitigating Risk in Expense Reporting Platforms

Expense reporting platforms have simplified the review and approval processes, making it easier to submit documentation for payment. However, this convenience can also lead to less stringent review of submitted documents and opportunities for changing electronic receipts. As a result, organizations need to implement best practices to reduce the risk associated with these reporting systems….

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How Internal Audit Can Support Whistleblower Investigations

Do you know if an employee is stealing from your company?  Quite often, the first hint of a problem comes from an insider tip. Having a comprehensive whistleblower program in place is a powerful early warning mechanism for identifying potential fraud or misconduct. If you have an internal audit function, you already have the tools…

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Aligning Business Continuity Planning with Third Party Risk Management

Does your organization know all the third-party vendors who access and manage data on your behalf? In the event of a disaster, any gaps in responsibilities, security, and communications prolong the outage of business operations, so it’s better to identify and eliminate these gaps now before a disaster happens.

Enhance Fraud Mitigation Through Internal Audits

Organizations have to be proactive in not only implementing, but monitoring and improving fraud prevention/detection controls in order to stay ahead of perpetrators. Learn about common fraud schemes, ways to protect your organization, and emerging technologies from GRF’s fraud, internal audit and cybersecurity experts. Join our team as we discuss the key controls and processes…

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