Whistleblower Webinar Series

How to Set Up a World-Class Whistleblower Program Webinar Series

In an era where transparency and ethical conduct are paramount, our three-part series is designed to guide you through the intricacies of creating and maintaining an effective whistleblower program. You’ll have the knowledge and tools needed to establish a world-class whistleblower program.

Part 1: Setup and Implementation

Discover the key takeaways that lay the foundation for building a robust program, incorporating cutting-edge technologies to streamline processes while ensuring confidentiality for whistleblowers.

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Part 2: Reporting

Learn the legal and compliance requirements, with a discussion with Jeff Tenenbaum, one of the nation’s leading nonprofit attorneys. Discover best practices for investigations and whistleblower protection.

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Part 3: Wrap Up

Gain invaluable skills for conducting thorough investigations, assessing allegations, and communicating results transparently.

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