Cybersecurity and Privacy Risk

We help clients protect their sensitive data and safeguard their critical systems.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

During the month of October, we’re offering complementary cyber training sessions for nonprofit Boards of Directors.

This 30-minute virtual session will review essential cybersecurity issues that all board members should know.

Appointments are limited!

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Is Your Organization Secure?

Managing email-based scams, endpoint security gaps, and risks associated with remote workers has become a full-time job. GRF’s team of cybersecurity experts can help you stay on top of these evolving threats.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment and Scorecard Service

Elements of Successful Cybersecurity White Paper

Cybersecurity Blog Series


Case Study: GRF’s Cybersecurity Risk Assessment and Scorecard Provides a Holistic Approach to Cybersecurity

A 501(c)(6) national trade association based in Washington, DC has been digitally transforming their organization proactively over the past few years. With an annual budget of $2.7 M, the organization, like many of its peers, has incorporated cutting-edge technologies into their operations in order to streamline processes and increase efficiency. Unfortunately, a greater reliance on information systems and outsourced service providers has created a new set of security and privacy concerns.

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Providing Peace of Mind

At GRF CPAs & Advisors (GRF), we are dedicated to safeguarding the integrity of our client’s information technology systems (IT) and the data they are responsible for protecting. Our service approach is systematic and is heavily focused on timely, responsive and clear communications.

Data Security Should be a Top Priority

Our GRF Cybersecurity Risk Assessment and Scorecard provides valuable information in the form of a detailed report with observations and recommendations related to vulnerabilities with respect to 19-security related categories (including fraudulent domains, patch management issues, SSL/TLS strength, IP reputation, and others). For your benefit, the results are also provided in an easy-to-understand scorecard summary which gives you a letter grade score to see where you stand against your peers. Watch the demo for more information and request a quote.

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Our cybersecurity and risk professionals assist clients with:


  • Benchmarking against best practices and compliance frameworks (i.e. ISO, NIST, etc.)
  • Policy and Procedure Development
  • Privacy Policy Review
  • Virtual CISO
  • Third Party Risk Management
  • IT Strategy Assessment
  • IT Mentoring



  • Incident Response Planning
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Table Top Exercises
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Penetration Testing

GRF CPAs & Advisors offers clients access to CISA-certified auditors.

Customized Solutions

We evaluate each client’s cybersecurity posture and overall IT risk against changes relating to digital transformation, emerging threats, and the increasing regulatory environment. Our practical right-sized solutions are based on your organizational context to address your most important issues.


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Melissa Musser, CPA, CITP, CISA

Principal and Director, Risk & Advisory Services