June 29, 2021
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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Evolving Risk: Host Governments in Program Countries

This webinar is hosted by AHT Insurance.

Host Governments are becoming increasingly hostile to International Development Organizations and pose a unique risk to the success of their programs. A new wave rapidly changing regulatory and legal environments in many countries have increased the financial, legal and reputational risks for many international NGOs. Join the panel of industry experts who will provide an overview of the current international climate and discuss how to identify and manage your top risks.


  • Trends and patterns of the issues impacting NGOs
  • How organizations can identify and assess key challenges
  • Best practices and resources for mitigating risks and responding to incidents when they arise


Joe Gleason | AHT Insurance

Risk Mitigation Consultant

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Heather Waldo | Internews​​​​​​

VP of Finance and Accounting

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Jeremiah Centrella | Nichols Liu


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