GRF Outsourced Accounting & Advisory Principal Paul H. Calabrese will be speaking at the NGMA Annual Grants Training on Wednesday, April 24, 2019 on What Should be Included in Your Procurement Policy to be Compliant with the Uniform Guidance.

In developing your procurement policy, have you considered the following items? Defining a contract; Difference between contracts and sub-awards; Acquisition of equipment and supplies; Prescribed levels of purchasing and statutory thresholds; Micro-purchase; Small purchase procedures; Procurement by competitive proposals; Pre-Award Evaluation; Competitive bids; Sole source; Post-award monitoring; What kind of forms are required. Register now for a chance to hear what you need to include in your procurement policy.

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Paul H. Calabrese | Outsourced Accounting & Advisory Services Principal


Crystal Gateway Marriott
1700 Jefferson Davis Highway
Arlington, VA, 22202